• With our Fuel monitoirng system, you can generate a comprehensive list of the following reports :
  • Fuel Level Change
  • Overtime parking
  • GSM Module restart
  • Over Speed
  • Panic Button
  • Illegal Door Opening
  • Seat Belt Unfasten
  • Harsh Braking
  • Vehicle sliding in neutral gear
  • Deviation from specified route
  • Air conditioner/Ignition ON/OFF

Fuel Monitoring system (ST 4000)

The ST 4000 Fuel monitoring system consists of the following main components :

  • Fuel Sensor - Measures of level of fuel level in fuel tank and send this information to ST4000 monitoring module. Accuracy of < 1mm
  • ST 4000 Fuel monitoring module – This collects information from the fuel sensor and send the information to the base monitoring station over GPRS/GSM interface.
  • Fuel Monitoring station – Fuel monitoring station consists of our latest Android Apps/Web/Desktop based applications. These station need to be connected to the internet via static IP to enable ST4000 module to send the data 24x7. These data are either stored and used for the analyzing purpose nor used for the online monitoring of your fleets.

With our Fuel cum Fleet Monitoring solutions you can

  • Stop the fuel pilferage
  • Analyze driver performance
  • Decrease the running cost of your fleets
  • Improve the fleet Utilization
  • Fine Tune Vehicle Performance
ST 4000 Features :
  • GPRS, SMS, Email Alarms
  • History data storage
  • Built-in Battery Back-up for 6 hours
  • GPS open/Close detection
  • Camera (Optional)
  • Multiple fuel sensor (optional)
  • Blind area supplementary uploading
  • Domain name supporting
  • Hot spot
  • Geo Fence