What is TetraVision ?

With technology evolving changes are being made in the way we communicate in practically every industry and every walk of life. The requirement to communicate powerful messages to audiences in the right place at the right time is necessary to maintain a competitive edge (in your Buisiness), maintain efficiency & effectiveness (hospitals/call centres) and keep stakeholders informed (employee internal communications).
TetraVision is a Digital Display Solution that can help you achieve the above said features and more.. Terms such as Digital Out Of Home (DOOH), Digital Media Networks, Narrowcasting and Electronic Displays are also used in place of digital signage.

TetraVision Features :
Cost Effective
Ease of Use
Content Scheduling
Full User Rights assignments
Media Support
Sytem Health Monitoring
External Data Mining
What can TetraVision do for you?
customised and localised content – A chain-store in Birmingham can advertise   differently to its sister store in Paris .
Interact with social media content e.g. Facebook & Twitter
Reduces cost of CO2 footprint. 29% over 150 stores displaying static posters.
Eliminates printing, reprinting and distribution costs.
Proven technology to distribute digital media information at the right place and  right time.

Work alongside existing channels to provide effective communication across    multiple mediums

TetraVision Explained  
There are two main methods of providing applications to end-users and both have their place depending on the companies and IT infrastructure preferences.
Tetra Vision On Premise
Installed when all elements (data, computers, firewalls, ICT expertise & manpower, software licences, etc ) are managed or owned by the client on his own premises.
Tetra Vision can be installed as   
Stand Alone
LAN (Local Area Network) - single player or client/server
WAN (Wide Area Network) - client/server
This is used in the majority of installations and is the preferred option when sensitive corporate information is required or if the client does not see the benefit of using an "Off Premise" or "Software as a Service (SaaS)" solution

TetraVision Cloud

Installed when client data is not sensitive and does not want to provide the infrastructure of the digital signage network.
Why choose TetraVision
A choice of On Premise or Cloud solution
Proven technology over 13 years of digital Signage software experience.
Over 25 years of experience in the software sector.
Used worldwide, from Blue Chip Corporate to SMEs
Proven technology to distribute digital media information at the right place and  right time.
Deployments in Public Sector, Education, Industry, Banking, Transportation and Education
Digital Display Statistics
98% of Digital Display / DOOH Industry Indicated they are either very positive or somewhat positive about the International future of the Digital Signage business. (DSE quarterly Business Barometer Q1 2010).

Digital media is estimated to be 7 times more effective than conventional print media. Trials in retail environments have shown an average sales uplift in-store of around 10% and 1.5% increase in turnover in shopping malls (POPAI).

Industry body POPAI estimate the 30-40% of all point of purchase advertising is wasted due to 'non' and incorrect displays.