Embedded Services

VACT has extensive experience in Embedded Automotive to develop real time complex solution. VACT is also committed to providing quality and latest solutions in customized software, testing & validation services in domains like automotive, mobile and wireless applications. VACT has experts in UI design, concept to product development solutions, reverse engineering of automotive protocols, test and validation of car electronics including in-vehicle dashboards. Our products & services are used by a broad range of customers in various vehicles, including engine test, oscilloscope, OBD scanner etc.


In Vehicle Networking

  • Vehicle Network Management and communication Gateways using CAN, LIN, MOST,and FlexRay
  • Drivers for communication modules on different micro-controller platforms
  • Protocol stack development / porting
  • Application layer software for communication
  • Verification & Validation

Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Vehicle diagnostics as per protocol standards such as KWP2000, UDS, OBD & ODX
  • End of Line tester services
  • Development of protocol stacks for OBD-II/EOBD
  • Vehicle diagnostics over CAN & K-Line
  • Diagnostics as per ISO15031, ISO14229, ISO15765 guidelines
  • Verification & Validation

HMI / UI development

  • Development of Human machine interface for infotainment systems
  • PC based User interface for analysers & loggers
  • Cross platform porting
  • HMI development using C++, QT, QTOPIA & OpenGL

Last Mile Services

  • Validation of automotive software at various levels of testing starting from unit level until system testing
  • Static code checks & analysis using tools like RTRT, Polyspace, QAC & PC-Lint
  • Test suite automation using scripts and modelling tools like Labview
  • Validation on vehicle simulators / labcars
  • Hardware in loop testing

OS Porting and Board Support Packages

VACT India provides turnkey solution to client by providing development of boot loaders, development of all the device drivers, middleware and the application for both existing and fresh platforms.

  • Development of Bootloaders including U-Boot for Linux platforms, E-Boot for Windows platforms for new platforms, Customization of Bootloaders for existing platforms as per customer requirements.
  • In Linux side VACT has ported/developed Linux to a fresh 32 bit RISC architecture developed for one of VACT clients and also aided in customizing and stabilizing tool chains for new architecture. We have also ported and have given a customized version of Linux to a variety of existing architecture and flavors including X86, ARM and MIPS flavors.
  • VACT India provides expertise in porting and developing Board support Packages in Windows CE operating system to any hardware configuration and usage.

Device Drivers

VACT India has developed and designed firmware across solutions including consumer electronics, PC devices, storage devices, etc.

  • Development of specific drivers for new IP's and peripherals for which device driver could be missing for Windows XP , Windows Vista, Linux and Windows CE operating systems.
  • Have developed drivers PCI-Express, DDR2, PCI, Ethernet MAC, Consumer IR, IRDA, 1553 IP's , File system drivers and File system filter driver, Display and Display accelerator drivers...etc in Windows, Linux and Wince flavors.
  • VACT India also helps in modifying existing drivers for better performance, providing Power management to drivers and helps pass the Windows Logo testing kit for drivers.